WFIC moving from Fall 2021

The world has changed since the global financial information community came together in Vancouver a year ago at the World Financial Information Conference. “WFIC” as it is affectionally known, is the only global event that focuses exclusively on issues associated with dissemination, management and use of financial information. It is the place to be to connect with consumers of data, content producers and service providers, and hear leading voices in the industry.

WFIC typically takes place in September/October of odd-numbered years, meaning that the next WFIC should be happening in Fall 2021.

Due to the uncertainty around COVID-19 recovery and ongoing travel restrictions, FISD in consultation with its Executive Committee members, has determined to delay WFIC for six months to Spring 2022. This delay will allow FISD to deliver the world-class educational opportunities and networking for which WFIC is renowned. FISD recognizes that WFIC is a vital member service, and we look forward to creating a new event that will meet member expectations.

While it is possible that there could be more changes coming due to public health advisories, this is what we are planning:

  • WFIC will take place in April/May 2022 with fallback dates for September/October 2022
  • It will be in Europe
  • The format will be roughly the same as in past years—2 ½ days of programming with ample networking activities both before and during the conference
  • Attendance will likely be limited to FISD members – as in past years

Because travel and membership dollars are likely to be tighter than in recent years, we will be rewarding membership loyalty. Members who maintain their FISD memberships from January 2021 through WFIC 2022 will be eligible for discounts, and first priority for consumer travel stipend money.

Because WFIC planning will be out of sync with the typical cycle, some past sponsors may need to start budgeting now. If you want to discuss sponsorship, please contact Tracey Shumpert.

Please feel free to reach out to me or Tracey if you have questions or comments about WFIC planning. We very much look forward to seeing you at the next WFIC, and hopefully, well before that.

Best regards,

Tom Davin, FIA
Managing Director

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