2024 Consumer Travel Stipend Program

FISD recognizes the financial challenges our consumer members face in attending WFIC and the important role they play as a source of key perspectives and driver of sponsorship revenue. FISD is offering member consumers a travel stipend of up to $1,750 per person – up 17% from 2022. 

Covered Expenses: 

  • WFIC costs include admission fees, airfare, other transportation, and hotel for up to five nights at the conference hotel
  • The stipend is in addition to the existing discounted admission rate that is offered to all member consumers – $650.

Limits on Stipend:

  • Must work for an FISD member whose dues are paid through September 2024
  • FISD covers up to $1,750 per consumer employee attendee.


  • Consumer delegate will need to pay “upfront” for conference admission and travel accommodations (including conference hotel).
  • Consumer delegate will be reimbursed after WFIC, and only if delegate attends and actively engages with the other attendees and sponsors by:
    • Attending the sponsors-only reception on the evening of Sunday, September 15 at the conference hotel.
    • Joining the WFIC 2024 event app and entertaining requests from other event attendees for meetings.
  • FISD will not be responsible for any change or cancellation penalties incurred by the attendee even if the event is postponed or cancelled.
  • Consumer delegates will provide appropriate documentation for expenses incurred.
  • For reimbursements in non-USD currencies, FISD will use the conversion rates prevailing on or around October 1, 2024.
  • Reimbursements to US based bank accounts in USD can be made via check, ACH or wire. Reimbursement to bank accounts outside the US or in currencies other than USD must be made via ACH or wire.
  • Information required for ACH and wires:
    • Domestic (USA) ACH and Wires:
      • Recipient bank full legal account name
      • Recipient bank full name and address
      • Recipient bank ABA Routing Number(must be 9 digits)
      • Recipient bank account number
    • International (Outside USA) ACH and Wires:
      • Recipient bank full legal account name
      • Recipient bank full name and address
      • Recipient bank IBAN and SWIFT Codes
        • Or if IBAN and SWIFT Codes are not available then provide the recipient bank Sort Code (must be 6 digits) and Account Number

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