WFIC 2022 Membership Loyalty Program

Dear Customer,

As you may know, FISD has announced that the next World Financial Information Conference will take place October 16-19, 2022 in Prague. Due to strong early interest, WFIC is again slated to be a member-only event. In order to address the new challenges that members are facing, we have introduced a loyalty program. We invite you to join, or rejoin FISD before October 1, 2021 to receive the benefits of the loyalty program:

Discounted attendance: We recognize that uncertainties due to the pandemic may cause members to delay in registering for WFIC and making travel-related commitments; thus, all firms grandfathered under the loyalty program will enjoy discounted admission rate right up until the start of WFIC. This discount replaces our previous early-bird discount. The differential between member loyalty and regular admission will be at least $700.

Improved Consumer Travel Stipend: The traditional Consumer Travel Stipend Program has typically been limited to approximately the first 70 consumer delegates who registered on a first-come, first-served basis. Instead, we will be recognizing long-term consumer members’ loyalty to FISD by offering them a travel stipend – right up until the start of WFIC.

Important deadline: To be considered a long-term member – and receive the discounted admission rate (or travel stipend for consumer members) – a firm must be an FISD member continuously from October 1, 2021 through the date of WFIC. Those who drop and return as members, will be ineligible for these discounted rates.

Expected Commercials: While FISD cannot yet commit to the exact WFIC 2022 admission pricing or the particulars of the consumer travel stipend program, this is our current cost estimate:

  • Member Early Bird (will be replaced by Loyalty rate): $1,600
  • Member regular: $2,300
  • Consumer Member: $700
  • Member Consumer Travel Stipend: $1,500

Please contact me if you would like to explore joining FISD and attending WFIC.

Best regards,

Tom Davin, FIA

Managing Director


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