Leo McBlain

Mr. McBlain has been Chairman of the Financial Information Forum in NY since 1995. The Financial Information Forum is an industry organization that brings together business and technology executives from exchanges, broker-dealers, vendors and other organizations to address issues related to brokerage industry information and processing systems. FIF with other industry associations have cooperated on industry-wide projects such as Year 2000 testing, decimalization, business continuity planning, market data traffic capacity planning and the recent implementation planning for the SEC’s Regulation NMS. He was chair of FISD from 1990-1995. He spent thirty-five years at ADP Brokerage Services Group, under various incarnations. First, as VP Marketing where he led sales and marketing efforts which gained competitive wins at 15 major brokerage firms including Merrill Lynch and Shearson (now CitiCorp). He introduced the industry’s first PC-based terminal system for professional brokers. In 1987, he moved to VP, Industry Relations where he worked closely with client firms regarding the use of real-time market data and brokerage processing services in conformance to exchange and regulatory policies. Previously, Mr. McBlain spent twelve years at GTE Information Systems’ Financial Services Division in marketing. Even earlier, he did sales in various engineering and technology companies including Ultronic, Computest and Honeywell.
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