Joseph Kasputys

Dr. Kasputys formed Global Insight, Inc. in March 2001 to join together the world’s premier economic and financial analysis and forecasting firms: Data Resources DRI and WEFA (formerly Wharton Economic Forecasting Associates), along with Global InTech, a software company specializing in time-series data management and interests in Decision Economics, headed by noted economist Dr. Allen Sinai. Dr. Kasputys was with Primark Corporation from 1987 to 2000, where he served as chairman, president, and CEO while successfully transforming Primark from a major utility holding company into a leading financial information and information technology firm. While at Primark, he acquired EFA, co-founded Primark Decision Economics and founded Global InTech. He sold Primark to Thomson in September 2000, and briefly served as chairman of Thomson Financial during an integration period. Coinciding with his role as CEO of Primark, Dr. Kasputys served as president and CEO of TASC (The Analytic Sciences Corporation), an information technology firm and a subsidiary of Primark. He also served as managing director of Datastream, an international financial information company with headquarters in London, also a subsidiary of Primark. Prior, Dr. Kasputys served as EVP of McGraw-Hill responsible for business development and as Chief Economist responsible for coordinating the economic work of all of its businesses. Dr. Kasputys joined DRI in 1977 and became its COO. DRI pioneered in developing large econometric models and forecasts for many countries and industries. After the sale of DRI to McGraw-Hill, Dr. Kasputys became DRI’s president and CEO. From 1972 to 1977, Dr. Kasputys was with the U.S. Department of Commerce, first as Assistant Administrator of the U.S. Maritime Administration and then received a presidential appointment as Assistant Secretary of Commerce. During this period, he helped to found the U.S. Department of Energy.
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