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For more than 50 years, SIIA has led the charge, growing the world's most influential information industry. Every decision, conversation and action is based on the information available. SIIA connects the information industries

Neals Nominations Open

SIIA’s Jesse H. Neal Awards are the most prestigious awards for business journalism and content creation.

Coronavirus Information Center

Sharing best practices and resources helping you navigate Covid-19 workplace challenges. We're also helping members create new opportunities in this dynamic environment.

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Health Data Policy

We are bridging the gap between health tech and traditional healthcare stakeholders; supporting strong privacy and data security standards driving safe innovation.

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CODiE Nominations Now Open

Honoring software, education, financial and media products for 35 years. Winning a CODiE Award honors achieving excellence and innovation. Nominations are now open

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From Washington, D.C., to Baton Rouge, to Brussels or Beijing: laws and regulations developed around the world directly impact your business operations and bottom line. SIIA provides information about these pivotal issues, and influences the policymakers driving them. With expertise in intellectual property, privacy and data security, digital trade, education, and emerging  technologies, SIIA’s one-stop-shop helps you navigate and influence policy without leaving your office.

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Financial Information

FISD is the global forum of choice for financial information industry participants to discuss, understand, and facilitate the evolution of financial information for the key players in the value chain. Our membership includes the institutions that consume market data, the data providers that create and collect this information, and other members of the financial markets ecosystem.  It is a dynamic environment in which members identify the trends that will shape the industry, and create education opportunities and industry initiatives to address them.

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SIIA is the longtime leading advocate for the EdTech industry pushing for responsible policies at the federal, state, and international level to protect student privacy, close the digital divide, increase funding for education, promote accessible technology, and other issues that allow the industry to grow.

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SIIA is pleased to announce a new initiative focused on health data policy and the need for modernized privacy standards that responsibly safeguard sensitive health data while promoting value-based solutions for patients and consumers. We are dedicated to amplifying the voice of tech companies innovating to meet consumer demands for access to convenient, secure, and accurate healthcare technology.

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Media & Publishing

Our content division represents specialized information providers in business and association publishing. From industry-leading conferences to best-in-class awards programs, we help set the path for growth and connections. Our association membership includes world-class information companies who reach an audience of more than 100 million professionals, representing a $400 billion global market.

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Policy Spotlight

SIIA Policy represents our members from state capitals to the nation’s Capitol.

2021 SIIA Policy Priorities

Download our 2021 Policy Priorities and learn how SIIA is advancing policy and protecting the interests of our members.

Ed Tech Letter to Biden Team

SIIA signed onto a letter to the Biden transition team alongside ATP and AAP outlining five education policy priorities.


Celebrating the best of your industry


For 35 years, the SIIA CODiE Awards have honored thousands of software, education, information and media products. Industry peers honors excellence in innovative technology solutions. 

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Jesse H. Neal Awards

SIIA’s Neal Awards are the most prestigious awards for business journalism and content creation. 

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EXCEL Awards

The EXCEL Awards recognize excellence and leadership in association media, publishing, marketing and communications.

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Membership Matters. For more than 50 years, SIIA has led the charge, growing the world's most influential information industry. Every decision, conversation, and action is based on the information we have available. SIIA connects the information industries advancing the work of more than 700 member companies. We connect. We engage. We advocate.

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